Jenny's Family

Geoffrey Hern has been playing and singing music since the age of six. He was raised in a musical house, as his mother Jenny was a music teacher. His first instrument was a ukulele and then at the age of 10 years he started playing the drums.

As a singer he had a strong voice and had a lot of success singing in music awards and talent quests around New Zealand.

His next challenge was to play the guitar to accompany him self on stage. After playing in different bands with his friends for a few years Geoffrey travelled a lot with his family and met and performed with a lot of well-known musicians and singers.

By this time he had become a very good Bass Player and played and sang a lot of different styles of music in groups in NZ and in Australia.

Song writing has been another one of Geoffrey's other talents and has had some great success with this.

Today Geoffrey is a class cabaret singer and enjoys singing many different types of music from Jazz, Rock, Country, Blues, etc. The video on this web site of Geoffrey was filmed at the Tauranga Jazz Festival where he was the opening act.

Geoffrey performing in a concert

Geoffrey and his wife Shalleen singing a duet together

Geoffrey and Jenny


Jenny's Grandchildren

Jenny has five grandchildren and they all have loved music since a very young age. 3 year old Sano Hern loves playing his ukulele and singing and has his own small microphone stand to do this.

His 7 year old brother Ted has a strong singing voice and is learning to play the drums.

Jenny's 3 granddaughters Rochelle, Hannah and Melanie all have lovely singing voices.

Hannah is an accomplished guitarist and banjo player while her sister Melanie plays guitar and drums and everyone loves to listen to her Yodel.

They all enjoy performing at concerts, awards and music club functions with their friends.

Rochelle singing at a concert

Sano (age 3) practising for the stage

Hannah playing her banjo on stage

Melanie on stage in Ashburton

Hannah playing at a concert

Ted practising on the drums

Melanie receiving an Overall Country Award

Jenny with her 2 Granddaughters Hannah and Melanie at Annette Murtens Country Music Show